The Witcher 3 Announced For Nintendo Switch

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Rumors about the popular game Witcher 3 coming to Nintendo Switch has been going around for some time now and it was finally confirmed during the Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation this week.

According to Nintendo, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition will be coming to Switch this year. Since it would need a pretty powerful device to actually run the game, the Switch version will have to make some compromise.

On the official The Witcher account, it was revealed that the handheld model will run on 540p but when docked, it will run at 720p. Of course, it won’t look as impressive as when it was run on the other console but overall, the Nintendo Switch users would most likely be very pleased with what the game will have to offer.

The Switch version will include everything we have now including the two expansions and 16 DLCs.