Try Black Ops 4 Blackout For Free

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Those looking to see how the battle royale mode for the new BLack Ops 4 game will look like can try it out now as Treyarch has just announce that the trail will be offered for free.

To play, you will need to download the trial. The game that you will be downloading is only the trail for Blackout and not the full game so you won’t have access to the Multiplayer mode or zombie modes.

The Blackout trails will start on the 17th of Janaury and will go on until the 24th of Janaury. If you like what you see and would like to only play the Blackout version, there is a $30 version of the game that will come without the Zombie mode.

Blackout will pit 100 playes agaisnt each other similar to the popular Fortntie but to make things a little different, they will be adding some other elements like computer controlled zombies and more.

The free trail will be availble on PC, Xbox One and PS4.