Ubisoft Beats Nintendo, EA To Claim Best Q1 Sales

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2016 is beginning to look like Ubisoft’s year after the game publisher enjoyed the best sales figures throughout Q1. VGChartz had just released the latest top 10 bestselling games and it is topped by a title from Ubisoft.

In detail, Tom Clancy’s The Division claimed top spot yet again with 4.69 million copies sold. More amazingly, the second spot is owned by another Ubisoft title called Far Cry Primal. The latter managed 2.31 million copies sold.

This basically means that the games from Ubisoft are selling better than those from rival companies. Names like EA’s UFC 2 and Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess landed in fifth spot and sixth spot respectively.

For game publishers, they are mostly driven by profits and they need to offer great titles to get the bags of gold. With Ubisoft currently leading the pack, other game publishers will certainly pick up the pace to compete in the market. This is great news for gamers worldwide as it means more superb games are coming out in the near future.