Ubisoft’s Pioneer Might Not Make It

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Ubisoft teased one of their upcoming gmae in their Watch Dogs 2 game. The trailer showed that it will be a space exploration game called Pioneer but it looks like we might not get to see the game.

According to ex-Ubisoft game director Alex Hutshison, the game might not make it as he posted the tweer “RIP Pioneer” on his Twitter. When asked if this means the game will never happen, he just responded with a crying emojis.

We do not know what this mean right now but it does seem to suggest that the game will not happen. Ubisoft has not come out to clarify anything yet although there is really nothing to clarify since Ubisoft have not officially announce the game yet.

Fans are also waiting for Ubisoft to reveal some extra details about Watch Dogs 3 or at least just confirm that there will be a Watch Dogs 3 game. The next Ubisoft game that we can expect to see will be Far Cry: New Dawn.