Untitled Goose Game Dev Choose Epic Games Store For A Reason

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House House announce that during E3 2019 that they will be offering their upcoming Untitled Goose Game on PC as an exclusive Epic Store Game. This is just one of the many developers that have chosen to side with Epic Games but it looks like House House has a reason behind it.

According to the studio, they only have a team of four-person that has worked over the years on a very tight budget. They added that working with Epic will give them a level of security that they won’t have on their own.

Of course, the exclusive deal with Epic Games Store is only time exclusive so it will eventually be released on the other PC platforms as well.

In this new game, you will be a goose with a full to-do list of tasks to complete and you will need to use what is around you to try and complete the task. This is the studio’s second game. Besides releasing on PC, the game will also be released on the Nintendo Switch console as well.