Valve Still Has Some Links To Half-Life & Portal

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One of the biggest argument right now about why we will never see another Half-Life and Portal game is because most of the developers that worked and is enthusiastic about the game has already left Valve but it looks like Valve still has one still working with them.

Erik Wolpaw, the writer who worked on Portal, Half-Life 2 Episode One and Two, as well as the two, Left 4 Dead games told Polygon that he is working for Valve right now as a contractor. His name can be found in games like the new Dota based game Artifact.

Of course, this might not be any confirmation that those games would make a return but it does give fans hope that if Valve does want to bring back those games, they at least have somebody that has some history with those iconic Valve games.

According to Wolpaw, he wanted back into Valve and while Valve did not rehire him, they did offer them a contract based job.