Valve Wants The Public To Help With Testing Too

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Steam Labs will be a new feature by Valve that will allow fans to test out a project that they are working on and give them feedback along the way. For now, there will be three experiments to try out but more will be coming in the future.

Fans can already test out Interactive Recommender, Micro Trailer and Automated Show right now. Interactive Recommender is where the machine learns what games are played the most by the person and recommends new games to them.

Micro Trailer, on the other hand, will be short six seconds game trailers. The last is Automated Show is half-hour showcase of the games generated using Steam’s algorithm. These features are just in the Steam Labs phase right now so what we might get in the end could be very different from what we see now.

Valve is hoping to use the feedbacks provided by the public to see which features can be worked on, which should be updated or which they should kill off.