Watch Dog 3 Slated For 2019 Release!

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E3 2018 saw Ubisoft talking about a wide array of games coming out within 2 years from now and among them is Watch Dogs 3.

The sequel to Watch Dogs 2 never fulfilled the expectation of the rumours when it became an absentee at E3 but Ubisoft did mention that the game is in the works.

While not specific, Ubisoft revealed that Watch Dogs has turned into a huge franchise in their inventory and they want to build on that. This is a clear indication that Watch Dogs 3 is in the works and if you’re still unconvinced, Ubisoft used the Watch Dogs theme when playing an April’s Fools joke earlier this year.

The last clue is with the rumours, which are now claiming that Watch Dogs 3 will become the highlight of Ubisoft’s presentation at E3 2019 hence the game is likely to debut in Q3 2019.