Watch Dogs 3: 2019 Expectations Unshaken By Gamescom Absence!

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Gamescom 2018 has ended and it confirmed that the rumours linking Watch Dogs 3 to make its unveiling at the event are wrong. There wasn’t any sight of Watch Dogs 3 at Gamescom, let alone a teaser announcement from Ubisoft.

But even with the absence of Watch Dogs 3, fans of the Watch Dogs series are still confident that the game will be making its official debut somewhere in 2019. The expectation is based on a number of signs from Ubisoft that has surfaced online this year.

Then, the first major sign surfaced online back in April 1, 2018 which saw Ubisoft playing an April Fools joke on the masses with a hacking-theme content. This is a clear reference to Watch Dogs and the fact that they opted to use hacking elements suggest that the game developer is working on Watch Dogs 3.

Then, Ubisoft shared at E3 that they will launch a major AAA IP in early 2019. The game developer never offered any names when making that statement but many are convinced it is Watch Dogs 3.

After all, Ubisoft has already said that Watch Dogs 3’s release is imminent when reporting on Watch Dogs 2’s market performance in its debut month.