Watch Dogs 3 About A Year Away?

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Despite the popularity of the series, Ubisoft has not confirmed or announced that they would be making a third game for the series. However, that has not stopped the fans from speculating about the third game and when it will be arriving.

Although we do not know for sure right now, most people believe that the third game will be coming based on the “hints” that Ubisoft has been giving us. Most people believe that the April Fool joke this year was a hint since it had a hacking team.

We also know that Ubisoft is working on three AAA games right now and we already know the title of two of the three AAA game. The third game is a still a mystery but most people think it is Watch Dogs 3. If that is true, we might see the game coming before June next year since that is when Ubisoft said those three games would be arriving before.

Of course, with no real confirmation, it is best to take all these with a pinch of salt first.