Watch Dogs 3: Are We Reading Too Much Into It?

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Although Ubisoft has never confirmed or announced that Watch Dog 3 will be happening, most people seem to think that it is.

With Watch Dog being such a popular game, it made sense that Ubisoft would want to continue coming out with new titles for the game. Some people are pointed to the fact that Ubisoft’s April FOol joke this year had a hacking theme to it which is also a huge part of what Watch Dog is about.

Some people were hoping that we would get an announcement for the game at E3 this year but it did not happen. Ubisoft did say that they are working on three AAA game right now. Two of the three announced leaving one more a mystery. Fans believe the third game could be Watch Dog 3 but it is all just speculations right now.

At this point, it is hard to say what is going on with Watch Dog 3. All we have now are rumors and speculations but hopefully, we will get an answer from Ubisoft soon.