Watch Dogs 3: Deciphering The Codes…

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The success of Watch Dogs 2 has led Ubisoft into confirming their interest to develop more sequels and this has left the fans excited for Watch Dogs 3. The only problem right now is that nobody knows exactly when the third instalment will get released.

Rumours have been linking Watch Dogs 3 to make its debut at E3 this year and this was especially after Ubisoft teased about a hacking-themed video game at the start of April 2018. But unfortunately for the fans, E3 2018 has failed to bring Watch Dogs 3 into the light. So, is the game still happening?

The answer to this is yes. At Gamescom 2018, Ubisoft reminded everyone that they will launch three AAA sequels before June next year and they have announced on two of them. This has raised the idea that the third game will indeed be Watch Dogs 3.

Since then, cryptic leaks on Watch Dogs 3 has made its way online and they have been deciphered in the video below. We are personally convinced that Watch Dogs 3 will be making its debut next year.