Watch Dogs 3 Fans Wants To Join In The Discussion

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To be clear, Ubisoft has never really announce that they are working on the third game for the Watch Dogs series but the fans are convince that a third game is coming and have already started talking about some of the things that they wish to see in the game.

One of the thing that is clear is that fans wants Ubisoft to focus more on the hacking aspect of the game. The things that separates the Watch Dogs game from the other games out there is that is has this hacking theme but that was downplayed in the first game.

Ubisoft made sure to incorperate for hacking in the second game and fans were pretty happy about that but they want to see more in the third game. Fans are asking Ubisoft to offer less lethal weapon in the game and force players to think and hack their way through.

While Ubisoft has not announce anyhting yet, they did say that they will have three AAA game to offer this year. We know what two of the three could be. Could Watch Dogs 3 be the third?