Watch Dogs 3 Has A Q2 2019 Release Date

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Ubisoft has never really confirmed that they are working on or plan to release the third installment for Watch Dogs 3 but that has not stopped the fans from believing that there is going to be one and that we will be seeing it next year.

Most people believe that whole Ubisoft has not made any official announcement yet, they have already been dropping hints about the game. One of the hints is the April Fools prank this year that involve hacking. Since Watch Dogs 3 is all about hacking, the fans thought that it was probably a hint.

There is also the fact that Ubisoft has also made it clear that they are working on three AAA games right now. They have already revealed what two of the three games will be which leaves one more spot left to fill and most people believe that the third game would most likely be Watch Dogs 3.

As of now, the speculations is that we will be seeing the game in Q2 2019. With so little details right now, it is hard to say if it is really going to happen or not so let’s wait and see.


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