Watch Dogs 3: Set For Q2 2019?

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The fact is that nobody really knows when Watch Dogs 3 will be arriving since nothing has been confirmed. In fact, we don’t even know for sure that the game is being made since Ubisoft has never confirmed that they are working on the game at all but most people just automatically assume that since the series is so popular. It would be odd if Ubisoft actually chooses not to offer it.

Some fans are saying that the April Fool’s joke as well as some of the hints that they been dropping does suggest that the game is coming. The Apil Fools joke this year was about hacking which is a big component in the game. We also know that Ubisoft will be release three AAA games next year. Two of them has been announced whihc leaves the third game.

There were speculations that Ubisoft might be looking to release the game in Q2 of next year but with so little information right now, it is hard to imagine that the game will be ready by then but hopefully we will be able to get more information about the game soon.