Watch Dogs 3: Ubisoft Dropping Hints Left And Right

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Things started out a bit shaky with the Watch Dog franchise as people felt that the first game lacked a lot of things. The feedback at that time was that the protagonist was very forgettable and the game did not involve as much hacking as we think it should since that is the base of what the game is all about.

Ubisoft took that all in and made the necessary changes with Watch Dogs 2 and the game has gotten a lot of positive feedback from the fans which is great. With that success, it is only natural that Ubisoft would continue with the series and come out with Watch Dogs 3 although they have not made any official announcement yet.

However, the fans believe that Ubisoft has been dropping hints left and right starting with the April’s Fool joke that Ubisoft made this year which was related to hacking. Ubisoft also made it clear at E3 this year that they are working on three AAA game. We already know two of the three and the third game could very well be Watch Dog 3.