Westworld Mobile Game: This Is The End

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It looks like this is it for the Westworld Mobile Game has the developer release a statement sayinf that the game will be taken out from teh Google Play and App Store.

Behaviour was the developer behind the game and they were also the same people that worked on the Fallout Shelter game for Bethesda. Bethesda claim that the Westworld Mobile Game was a rip-off of their Fallout Shelter game and while we do not how what came from the settlement, it is clear that the Westworld Mobile Game will be taken down.

Behaviour release an offical statement on their Westworld Mobile accoung explaining that the game will be remove from the App Store and Google Play store on the 15th of Janaury and it will be offciially close on the 16th of April.

In-game purchases will not be available starting now and thos ethat still ahve in-game currency left as ask to use it up before the game does down on the 16th of April. It does not look like players will be getting any refunds.