Will Fable 4 Be As Big As Skyrim, Inquisition?

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Microsoft-exclusive RPG franchise, Fable, is one of the most popular names in the gaming scene and this is despite of Fable 3 being an embarrassment to the already great series.

Despite the poor offerings of Fable 3, Microsoft has admitted that Fable is one of the best projects around and they want to keep the series alive for as long as possible. Microsoft even teased that they are going to make some huge changes in the upcoming sequel, Fable 4.

The details are unknown at the moment but we are assuming more back stories, combat mechanics and a much larger landmass in Fable 4. Microsoft did say that they want to compete with the best RPGs on the planet hence making these expectations likely to come true.

Rumours are well ahead of things when they revealed that Fable 4 will have a landmass and content that can rival Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim and the interactivity in the game will make us forget about Dragon Age Inquisition. We certainly hope that this will come true.