Wolfenstein 2: A Victim Of Poor Release Date?

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Wolfenstein is perceived by many as the game that gave birth to the FPS era but that never really helped it into becoming a leading name in the market.

Take Wolfenstein 2 as an example. The latest title in the series is apparently a huge flop and this was confirmed by leaked Steam data. The data shows that sales of Wolfenstein 2 has been disappointing and the pace of sales is slower than its predecessor.

Upon learning on this, we can’t help but to pit the blame on poor release timing for Wolfenstein 2 above everything else. Wolfenstein 2 was launched in the same window with Mario Odyssey, Assassin’s Creed Origins, Call of Duty and Battlefield.

These are all huge titles in the gaming scene and the fact that they are equally expansive has left Wolfenstein 2 with a market that really wants to play the FPS title.