Wolfenstein Won’t Go Beyond Trilogy After Wolfenstein 2 Flop!

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Wolfenstein is one of the earliest names, if not, the pioneer in FPS games and it has recently been refreshed with current generation technicalities. Just months ago, Wolfenstein 2 got released but it never managed to make it big in the market.

Despite what the developers have said on the game, a leak Steam database statistic have confirmed that Wolfenstein 2 have been a sales failure on the PC. In detail, the leak cited that there are about 13,000 gamers on Wolfenstein 2 and this is a plunge compared to the original Wolfenstein game.

The thing here is that the developers have already confirmed on a spin-off Wolfenstein game being in the works and they mentioned before that they want Wolfenstein to be a Trilogy at the very least.

With that in mind, we don’t expect the developers to quit on Wolfenstein just yet and they may conclude everything in Wolfenstein 3 if the flop of Wolfenstein 2 does not improve.