World Of Warcraft: Rise of Azshara Gets New Areas

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Blizzard will be releasing an updated version of the World of Warcraft game soon called the World of Warcraft Classic but that does not mean that Blizzard will push the current game aside.

For the next phase of the Azeroth expansion, Blizzard will be releasing a new update called the Rise of Azshara. This time, the update will focus on the titular Azshara, a naga queen who sore allegiance to the Old Gods to save her people.

We will be introduced to the two new factions that are resisting her reign, the Unshackled, and the Ankoan. The other area that we get to explore this time will be the city of Mechagon and the ruler King Mechagon.

A new Heroic Warfront, Stormgarde will also be available for your Warband. You can read more about the latest update on their website to see what other new features will come with this update.