WoW Battle For Azeroth Is A Massive Disaster

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Last week, popular online video game World of Warcraft got refreshed with the release of Battle for Azeroth and fans wasted no time to get a copy of the content.

Well, most that did so are now regretting every bit of that decision and this is due to the sorry state of Battle for Azeroth. The new content is basically in a bad shape and it is puzzling to see how it managed to get launched on an official basis.

In detail, Battle of Azeroth amplified the grinding process in the game as players are required to achieve a certain level of reputation to unlock races. That is the ultimate goal with the expansion but the tedious methodology is poorly formed. To see the need to hit exalted through gaining 2 reputations via Horde and Alliance is just exhausting.

Then there is with the poor implementation of the primary feature in Battle For Azeroth called Warfronts. In this mode, you can play with one faction at a time and the cycle of playability is once every three weeks. This means that you can only experience the ‘major feature’ once a month.

The killing blow is with the bugs on Battle For Azeroth. Blizzard has got a strong reputation for keeping bugs at a minimal level but this has changed in the expansion. There are more bugs than usual and it is strange to see the developers being all quiet over it.