WWE 2K19: Taking Advantage Of 2K18’s Failure

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Video game franchises that practices an annual release pattern are often prone to going stale this is more prominent for sports-based titles. Take WWE 2K-Series as an example. There is a pattern with the series and it is that a successful instalment will be followed up by a disastrous sequel.

The good news here is that the last disaster was with WWE 2K18 and this has raised the hopes for a better experience on WWE 2K19. Even after comparing to the offerings in WWE 2K17, you will see that 2K19 promises to be more in-depth on all fronts.

Some of the key changes that are worth noting include a completely revamped Universal Mode that offers the ability to select a winner before a simmed match, offer 6 title defence at any show, set specific angles and allow the cashing in of the money in the bank briefcase before and after a match.

Meanwhile, in Career Mode, things will be fully voiced and narrated to offer a more cinematic feel. The created character will finally have a full story where life starts on the Indies before entering the WWE.

You can learn more about WWE 2K19 in greater detail through the review video below.