Xbox One Gets Two Copies Of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag!

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If you are a gamer on the Microsoft Xbox One and are in deep love with Assassin’s Creed, we have got some great news for you. The older Xbox 360’s version of Black Flag is now available on the Xbox One via the Backwards Compatibility program.

This means that you can now load your old Black Flag disc on the Xbox One and play the game without any issues whatsoever. There is, however, one confusing thing about the move to make Black Flag backwards compatible and it is the fact that there is already an Xbox One’s version of the game.

This breeds the question, what is the biggest difference across the two games?

We have actually tested Assassin’s Creed Black Flag through the BC program on our Xbox One and we found the 360’s version to be narrowly behind the Xbox One’s version of the game.

Some noticeable differences include better water simulation, individually rendered raindrops, bushes blow in the wind more realistically and better lighting. It’s mostly on the visuals and nothing that can ruin the gameplay experience so you don’t have to worry about it one bit.