Xbox One X: Success Clung On Backwards Compatibility!

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The Xbox One has failed to offer any fight in the current-generation console wars but even that is not enough to stop Microsoft from launching the Xbox One X.

The mid-cycle, upgraded console is now officially the world’s most powerful console and while it may seem too late for Microsoft to challenge Sony, the platform can look to narrow the huge gap separating it from its rival.

Today, new data has surfaced online highlighting on the sales of the Xbox One X and they are confirming that the console is selling at a decent pace – almost tied to the Sony PS4 Pro.

The data further revealed that the majority of the One X buyers are those from the older Xbox 360. The former 360 players appear to be more willing in getting the One X due to the power which the console has to offer as well as Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program.

BC allows players on the Xbox One to play games from the Xbox 360a and the original Xbox. With games being expansive to own, the 360 gamers are pleased that they won’t lose on their collection by adopting the One X.