2018 Apple MacBook Pro Recalls Its Predecessor For A Free Swapping!

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It is official. Apple has launched the all-new 2018 MacBook Pro and the laptop is being offered in multiple variants. This is exciting news for fans of Apple but also bad news for consumers that have just purchased a 2017 MacBook Pro.

If you’re among them, you don’t need to hate yourself for rushing your MacBook Pro purchase because Apple is putting up a program that allows you to exchange your 2017 laptop for the 2018 model. The exchange won’t demand any additional fee from you.

The only catch here is that the 2017 MacBook Pro purchase must be made within the past month. Anything beyond a month of age would take away your chances of getting a 2018 MacBook pro.

Last but not least, the exchange will be done at any physical Apple shops and all you have to do is to bring your 2017 Apple MacBook Pro and the proof of purchase.

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