2019 Apple AirPods Will Be Slightly Better Than Before

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Apple has not revealed when they will be offering the new Apple AirPods or what the upgrades will be like but according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple AirPods will be arriving next year and here are some of the updates that we can expect to see.

It was revealed that the new AirPods will be slightly better than the previous model but how? Well, the new AirPods is said to be coming with a wireless charging support along with an updated Bluetooth connectivity.

This made sense since Apple did announce a new wireless charging case for the Apple AirPids when they announce the AirPods last year. Based on what we know now, the wireless charging case could be sold separately which would then allow the older AirPods to be compatible with the wireless charging case.

The analyst also suggests that the AirPods might have a different design but we will have to wait and see.