2019 Apple iPhone Not Ready For 5G

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There were talks about Samsung possible offering their 2019 flagships with 5G network and since both Samsung and Apple are always competing to match each other, most people assume that Apple is also working on offering their 2019 Apple iPhone with 5G network but it looks like it is not going to happen.

According to Bloomberg, Apple wants to wait a little longer before they start offering the feature as they want it to grow significantly first. That is a nice way to explain why they will not have a feature that most Android models will be offered with.

It was added that while Apple fans will be missing out on the 5G Network next year, they will be getting it when the 2020 Apple iPhone model arrives. It is believed that one other reason why Apple is taking their time is because they can’t find a 5G-enabled modem that is satisfactory. Since they won’t be working with Qualcomm, their only option is Intel but some reports are claiming that they are not too happy with what Intel has to offer.