3 Reasons Why iPhone SE Can Serve You Good

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Many seem to have forgotten that Apple launched an affordable device back in the month of March this year and it is called the iPhone SE. The device didn’t manage to turn into a hit as many view it as an overpriced ‘budget’ iPhone.

Well, seeing the iPhone SE as a cheap device will be a huge mistake because the iPhone SE is not that. Instead, the iPhone SE is the scaled down version of the old iPhone 6S. This means that the device is powerful and is packed with the latest features from Apple. Well, we have 3 more reasons to why you should get the iPhone SE and they are as follow.

1. Size
Sure, some may complain about the size of the iPhone SE but this totally depends on your preferences. For us, we prefer a 4” phone to pair with our large iPads. The iPhone SE is also small enough to make it easy for one-handed use. The Android heavyweights are all large in size.

2. Performance
The iPhone SE is equipped with the same hardwares that are used on the flagship iPhone 6S. This means that the iPhone SE is faster than the Android flagships since the Apple chipset is able to return far greater performance when compared to its Snapdragon and Exynos counterparts.

3. Price
The icing on the cake is the price of the iPhone SE. The device should not be viewed as a budget phone. A 64GB iPhone SE cost $499 and this is still cheaper than the flagship from Androids.