9 Smartphones Coming Out In October Next Month

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October 2018 is a week away from now and this is the month that will host the most keynotes this year. In total, there are about 8 keynotes from 7 different tech manufacturers and a total of 9 hotly-anticipated Android-powered phones making their respective debuts.

We have listed out the keynote dates in chronological order with the phones that will get launched at the keynotes below.

LG Oct. 3rd 2PM PT / 5PM ET
Nokia Oct. 4th 9AM PT / 12AM ET
-7.1 Plus
Google Oct. 9th 8AM PT / 11AM ET
-Pixel 3
Samsung Oct. 10th
-Galaxy A9 Pro
Razer Oct. 10th
-Phone 2
Huawei Oct. 16th
-Mate 20
OnePlus Oct. 17th
Huawei Oct. 26
-Honor Magic 2