All-Time Best Android Smartphone Is The LG….

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There seems to be an unlimited supply of Android-powered smartphones but only few manage to impress us. Up until today, one smartphone has yet to fail us and it is none other than the LG G2.

The G2 features an awesome battery lie, a bright screen with good contrast, great performance that might just be better than the G3, has IR Blaster, a 5.2” screen that is possible for one-handed use and a sleek styling.

The G2 is the most perfect of all Android devices and it is still powerful enough to meet the average usage demand today. The G2 is just a flawless piece of smartphone and it is easily the best Android-powered device in our books.

Of course, it took us a while to decide on a winner here and there are still other smartphones that can share the top spot with the G2. Then again, this is still down to personal preferences, so what’s your pick?