Android Now Let’s You Hide Your YouTube Guilty Pleasures!

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It is official. YouTube on Google Android has been updated and it now features an Incognito Mode. The feature functions exactly like the one on Google Chrome and it lets you hide your video search history as well as records.

Many may question on the need for an Incognito Mode for YouTube due to the lack of extreme content on the world’s most utilized video-sharing website but we don’t. After all, we have our guilty pleasures on YouTube that we don’t wish others would know about.

For some, they have this habit of viewing cat videos and they may feel socially threatened if others know about this habit. For others, they have pleasure when viewing Japanese anime – something which the prefer to be kept a secret.

Either way, Incognito Mode for YouTube will really help in boosting user experience and you can enjoy it now through updating your YouTube app on the Google Play Store.