Android Pie Handing Selected Pixel XL Owners A Charging Nightmare!

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Technical issues on a Google smartphone are not new in the market and this is no different for the ‘fix statements’ from the tech giant.

Like how it was with almost every issue-inflicted phone from Google, the company will acknowledge the problems and claim that an Android firmware update will fix them. The sad bit here is that most of the issues ended up unfixed, even after getting an OS upgrade.

It’s rinse and repeat from Google and this can be seen today with the original Pixel XL. Certain examples of the popular smartphone from 2 years ago has been facing a charging issue in which Google has promised a fix with Android Pie.

Well, Android 9 is already here and the affected users are still facing the same charging crisis with their devices. Maybe Google was referring to Android 9.1 as the fix for this issue.