Android Q: What Google Has In Mind

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It will be months before we actually see what Google has to offer on their next OS, the Android Q but it looks like the software was just leaked online giving us some idea of what Google is working at in their new software.

The leaked preview showed that Google might be working on a system-wide dark theme that will shade all the white background to a dark grey tone. The image also showed that you will be able to schedule a dark mode on a certain time of the day.

The preview also showed that there is an option to override the apps so that the dark mode is on for all the apps. Other features that we might see include the updated Accessibility, Permissions for privacy and Desktop Mode. Of course, not all these will make it to the final version of the Android Q but it is nice to see where Google is at when it comes to their latest software.

Do you like what you are seeing so far?