Apple AirPower Finally Ready To Be Released?

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Apple did announce the AirPower some time ago but the device was never released as it was reported that Apple was having a lot of issues with the AirPower but the latest report suggests that Apple might finally be ready to release their wireless charger.

ChargerLAB reported that Luxshare Precision has already started their production fro the wireless charger and that the AirPower will be released very soon. Of course, with no real proof, it is hard to believe that the device would finally be arriving since it did feel like Apple might be dropping it.

When Apple first announced it, the AirPower was a device with a multi-coil design that will allow users to charge up to three devices at the same time which also intelligently communicating with the devices. The idea itself is pretty ambitious and it would be amazing if Apple does manage to do it but with all these problems they have been having, we won’t get our hopes too high for now.