Apple AirPower Might Just Be Days Away?

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Apple started teasing the Apple AirPower pretty early on which was why so many Apple fans were looking forward to seeing the device release but it was never released last year and Apple continue to stay silent on when the device will be released.

The Apple AirPower was released in 2017 along with the AirPods charging case but so far, we have not seen any of these devices. It was reported that Apple had some major issue with the Apple AirPower as they could not figure out how to charge all three devices at once and intelligently communicate with them.

It was also reported that they had some issue with overheating. What we are hearing now are only rumors as Apple has not updated us on the status of these chargers but the latest report by Steve Troughton-Smith suggest that Apple had finally solved the issue and will be releasing the AirPower any days now.

Of course, we would ask you to take it with a pinch of salt for now since Apple has not said anything yet.