Apple iOS 11: 3 Features That Can Ruin Google Android

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The iOS system from Apple is rated to be better than Google Android and this is thanks to its ease of use as well as unbeatable hardware integration. Despite the goodness that is with the latest iOS 10, there are some tweaks which the system lacks and it gives Android an advantage on the feature front.

We can expect Apple to improve on this with the up and coming iOS 11 but what sort of new features can we expect in the next-gen system? After giving it a thought, we have come up with three realistic and achievable features that can greatly improve the iOS experience.

The features are customizable control center, dark mode and better handling of notifications. It would be nice to have the ability to sort our needs and priorities on the control center. Also, notifications should be grouped to avoid making a mess. The icing on the cake is dark mode which will grant greater pleasure when using the iPhone in the dark.

We believe that with the three features, there is no longer a need to envy the Android system. Do you agree?