Apple iOS 13.1.1 Update Will Solve Battery Issue & More

Since the last iOS 13 update, both the users and Apple have uncovered a few more bugs and issue and Apple plans to address some of them with the latest iOS 13.1.1 update.

The new update will help fix the battery draining issue that some customers were experiencing which is important but there is more. Apple recently informs their users that third-party keyboards could gain full access to the users’ data but this new update should fix that as well.

Other issues that the new update will fix includes the backup issues that prevented the iPhone from restoring the device from back up, the Reminders slow syncing issue as well as update Siri recognition for some of the iPhones.

Of course, there is still more than Apple needs to fix like the data dropping issue but that will only come in future updates so users will just have to live with that for the time being.

Author: Staff Reporter

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