Apple iOS 13 Still Have Some Catching Up To Do

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We got to learn more about the Apple iOS 13 this week when Apple announces it at WWDC revealing some of the new features that we can expect to see from the upcoming operating system but fans also notice some of the features that we will not be seeing on the iOS 13 OS.

One feature that fans have been hoping for is the Always On Display that multiple Android devices but Apple is still not convinced at all despite the fact that the new iPhone will now be coming with an OLED display.

Apple has also chosen to keep their static home screen which has been around since 2007. One other features that fans were also looking to see was a split screen feature for the iPhone. Seeing as the iPad have already been offering the feature for some time now, we feel like it should be about time the iPhone also benefits from this feature. Apple will also be keeping the restriction where users will only be allowed to use the default apps like Maps, Notes, Safari, and Calender even when there is another more suitable version out there.

This are just some of the features that iPhone users will not be seeing on the iOS 13. Of course, the fact that it was not revealed during the event does not mean that it will not be added on in the future.