Apple iPad Mini 5 Details Revealed Thanks To New Leaks

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Apple have not announce anything yet but there were rumors suggesting that Apple is looking to release a new Apple iPad Mini. The Mini is need of a successor for the longest time so this is something the fans have been looking forward to.

The latest leaked image is the Apple iPad Mini 5 was posted by Slashleaks which allow us to see some of the things that the Apple iPad Mini 5 will come in with. From what we can make out, it looks like it will be getting a dual-camera arrangement.

The cutout for hte speaker also seems to suggest that the device could be coming with a four-speaker setup which would be a nice feature to have. Another cutout suggest that the headphone jack will come with the device but some people think that the cutout could be for the Smart Connector.

Nobody really knows how the Apple iPad Mini 5 will look like yet but we are expecting an edge-to-edge display. The Apple iPad Mini along with a new iPad early next year.