Apple iPad Mini 5: New Leak Draws A Clearer Picture

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While they have long been talks about Apple thinking about releasing a new Apple iPad Mini. Apple has not confirmed or announced anything yet. With the Apple iPad Mini being a few years old now, it does make sense that Apple would be looking to replace it but what can we expect?

Although Apple has not announce anything yet, a leaked image posted by Slashleaks showed what they said is the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 5 casing. From what we can see from the image, it looks like the new iPad Mini would come with a dual-camera arrangement in the back. The speaker cutout also suggest that the device would be fitted with a four-soeaker setup which is something that the fans would be happy to get.

There was also another cutout which many eblueve is where the headphone jack will be or maybe a Smart Connector. At this point, there is really no real detail about the Apple iPad Mini 5 but maybe we will learn more about it this year.