Apple iPad Pro: Adobe Adds More Reason To Snub A Laptop!

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What is there not to like about the Apple iPad Pro? The latest iPad Pro is equipped with the latest processors around and it has the power to function like a laptop. This probably explains why Apple has been promoting the iPad Pro like it is the replacement for mobile computers.

PC users may not agree with this but in doing-so, they are not thinking about the general market which Apple is into. In this scene, most laptop users rely on their rig for work and media consumption. Apple’s research has found that the work-aspect of a laptop is not too demanding on the hardware front hence allowing Apple to market the iPad Pro as the perfect replacement device.

This is now getting some serious backing from Adobe, which has confirmed that a Photoshop application will be launched on the iPad Pro. Adobe is one of the most used software by designers and the fact that it supports the iPad Pro suggests that the tablet is good enough for productivity.

Adobe concluded by saying that Photoshop will be the first thing they will introduce on the iPad Pro. This strongly suggests that more is to come from the company for the tablet industry.