Apple iPad Pro Is Not There Yet

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When the new Apple iPad Pro was announced, Apple seems so sure that the new and updated tablet would be able to replace the standard laptop for most people. While there is no denying that the tablet’s specs are as or more powerful than most laptop, some people are saying that it is still far from replacing an actual laptop.

One of the reasons why is because the apps on the iPad do not actually work like the Mac version because of that, the apps don’t work the same and does not even offer the same function which can be quite inconvenient.

Apps on the Apple iPad Pro is more basic and simple which means if you want to do some simple work, you probably can but it might not be enough for those looking to use the Apple iPad Pro as a laptop replacement.

Another reason that people pointed out was that it is more inconvenient to multi-task on the tablet since you can only have one app running in the front at all times.

While there is no doubt that tablets would eventually replace laptops, it is clear that we are not there yet.