Apple iPad: Too Advance For Basics!

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One of the best things about Apple is their after-sales support. Even if you are using an old iPad like we do, Apple has kept us up to date by generously offering updates. No Android manufacturers can match this level of software support and it is something we love about Apple.

But of course, everything has a catch and in our 2013 iPad’s case, it is the forgotten basic features. Every new OS update introduces a set of new features but some basic ‘required’ functions are still missing from the package.

We are referring to apps like calculator and weather. Those two apps are still unavailable as a stock offering on iPad and it has been that way for 8 years already. We have sent our query to Apple a long time ago about it and never received a reply.

Are apps like calculator and weather too basic for Apple to offer? Or is there a problem with offering them on the iPad? We would love to have some clarification soon.