Apple iPhone 11 Won’t Be That Exciting

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The release of every new iPhone will get us all excited and while there have been a few impressive releases, there were also a few major disappointment and it is believed that the Apple iPhone 11 is going to be one of them.

We have already seen what the iOS 13 could be offering this time around but those expecting the iPhone 11 to come with an updated camera, new design and new features might get disappointed at the end.

While Apple has not announced anything yet, most people have already started speculating that this device will be boring as Apple likes to take things slow and we have already made some pretty major changes to their iPhone not too long ago.

Fans have been hoping that the new iPhone would come without the ugly notch in the front as we are already see companies like Samsung and OnePlus doing away with that but we might see it happen for Apple so soon. Apple kept the last design for three years before they decide to give it a chance and if the iPhone X was the start of a new design, the 2019 will be the third version before we see any major update. So don’t get your hopes up too high this year.