Apple iPhone 8 Gets Face ID Improvement Via iOS 12

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The Apple iPhone 8 is a great smartphone to have as it is equipped with loads of new and exciting features. Among them is Face ID and it is a feature that scans your face for multiple purposes.

The most common of them all is to rely on Face ID for quick screen lock and unlocking. It is a nice function to have but it can also be a huge hassle if the front-facing cameras can’t identify you.

When this happens, it comes up with the keyboard/keypad for your passcode. If you wish to retry the scan, you will need to tap cancel and swipe up again. It may not sound like much but it has been a pain for the users.

Well, the issue can now be forgotten as iOS 12 has arrived with a fix for the tedious methodology. In iOS 12, running Face ID on your iPhone 8 will be as simple as swiping up again from the keyboard to retry the facial scanner.