Apple iPhone Production Cut Even More

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Apple has made it pretty clear that their sales have not been doing that great and they are not expecting things to go as well this year. This was first hinted by the first production cut but it looks like Apple is cutting their production down even further now.

According to the reports, Apple has just ordered their suppliers to cut the production of their new iPhones by 10% for the next three months. Apple’s latest plan is to produce 40 to 43 million iPhones instead of 47 to 48 million units.

We were expecting the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR to do well but their lack of innovation means that people are just not that excited to actually get one. Those that do get one might just be upgrading their older iPhone for a newer model.

Apple will need to start getting people exciting about their smartphone with they want to compete with smartphone manufacturers like Huawei who seems to be making all the right move.