Apple iPhone Regulating Loot Boxes Like A Boss!

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Microtransactions, loot boxes, lucky crates – you name it. The vast majority of media consumers hate them all and they view it as a ‘legal’ way or subliminal method at gambling.

Mostly, these form of cash grab services are found in video games and things are no different for the games on mobile platforms. Some developers have used the loot boxes fiasco to put their products on good lights and in some cases, the most unexpected names tend to make a bigger impact on the market.

As how we mentioned it in the title above, Apple has moved ahead with regulating loot boxes. The tech giant revealed that every game and app on the Store are now required to disclose odds if they have any elements of loot boxes.

This would mean getting the app developers to inform users on their chances of winning a particular thing instead of blindly charging users for loot boxes without offering any transparency on the matter. We sure hope Apple’s decision can influence other developers to follow suit.