Apple iPhone SE 2 Will Keep Dwarf Dreams Alive!

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The tech community may have been loud in condemning the Apple iPhone SE but they are now being silenced by fans of the device. The iPhone SE lovers are pleased with the smartphone as it caters to their size requirements and is as powerful as the iPhone 6S.

Sure, the iPhone SE may be the most affordable iPhone available today but to think of it as an affordable device from Apple is a mistake. The iPhone SE is actually a flagship phone for the small screen market and even the 4” devices from Android can’t match its offerings.

Because of this, the small-screen lovers are calling out for Apple to keep the 4” tradition alive through developing a sequel to the iPhone SE 2. They are hoping for the SE 2 to have the styling of the iPhone 7 and also the hardwares of the current flagship.

If the demands are heard by Apple, then we can expect the SE 2 to arrive at the end of March next year, just like how it was for the iPhone SE.