Apple iPhone SE Gets Free Pass To Success

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The all-new Apple iPhone SE might not be a fan-favourite device despite its great offerings but it is still selling at a decent, if not, exceptional rate. Over in the Asian countries in particular, the iPhone SE is getting a lot of sales and this is probably due to it being the most affordable iPhone.

The way we see it, the iPhone SE has got the advantage to enjoy great sales because it is the only 4” device with the capabilities of a flagship smartphone. In case you are unaware, the iPhone SE runs on the latest chipset from Apple, just like how it is for the flagship iPhone 6S.

The small-sized powerful smartphone market might not be as popular as the mainstream market but the lack of choices available is giving the iPhone SE a free pass in sales. This is unless Sony has decided to bring back the Xperia Compact series that can compete in the world of small smartphones.